Instagram likes 4 likes and other secrets

Likes: real instagram likes

Giving likes to other users’ photos is a very effective way to get attention from them.

Although it is not mandatory, a high percentage of users tend to correspond the gesture with another like and maybe even a follow.

This is how you should do it:

In the search field, enter the most popular hashtags related to the theme of your account (the ones you searched for in the previous subchapter).

Change the results to list mode.

Like the posts that appear

Rinse and repeat.

Inbound Methodology

The more you like, the more traffic you will attract to your account.

Comments:instagram comments with hashtags

97% of interactions on Instagram are likes and only 3% comments. Because of this, receiving a like does not feel as special as having a post commented to you; partly because the latter requires more time and attention.

So, the chances of receiving an interaction in response after commenting on a publication are much greater than when giving a like.

It may take time, but it is worth commenting on publications (as long as they are users who show affinity for the subject of your account).

Follow:instagram followers generator

Following the people you want to follow you not only attracts visits to your profile, but also causes many of those who see your profile to follow you back.

Now, the effectiveness of this strategy is directly linked to the type of people you follow and the design of your account (more about the design soon).

We return to the topic of going after the correct audience; that shows a clear interest in the theme of your brand.

But how do you find these people? – Looking for people who use hashtags related to your industry, raffling in the suggested publications browser and my favorite and most effective: In the accounts of your competitors and / or related brands.

The procedure for this last part is simple:

You make a list of your main competitors (accounts that share your theme and audience)

You enter their profiles and search their followers list.

You give to follow as many as you can.
Important note:

As part of its anti-spam policy, Instagram has set limits for actions per hour, try to follow them to the letter to avoid penalties and account suspensions.

Some of the limitations are:

Maximum of 60 follow and unfollow to accounts per hour

Maximum of 60 comments per hour

Maximum of 100 likes to contents per hour