How to grow up instagram followers?

Turn your visitors into followers

It’s one thing to get your target audience to enter your profile and quite another to get them to click the “follow” button.

In order to capitalize the views of your profile in Instragram you must take into account one – and only one – thing: design.

Although Instragram is a predominantly visual social network, when I talk about design I do not mean just the way the content looks in your publications, but also what that content represents for the audience you are trying to attract.

The content should look good in the same proportion as it should be relevant to your audience.

a) Form

I know that at this point those who have knowledge of graphic design or the resources to outsource this task are feeling advantaged; however, the reality is that anyone can create attractive posts for Instagram without dying in the attempt.

Simply apply the right principles and use the appropriate tools.

Some of the tips for designing attractive content are:

Use good resolution images (no pixelated images)

When using images with text, try to make the text readable

Avoid images that give the feeling of being over saturated

Define your own style

Maintain a uniform aesthetic in your publications

Use attractive and well-combined colors

90% of your content should be exclusively to bring value to your audience. The remaining 10% can be used for self-promotional and business purposes

Before starting to create content, get inspired – without plagiarizing – in other accounts with good results

Try NOT to make spelling errors

Try to always use emojis in the descriptions of your publications. These will give you a more human touch and it will resonate better with your audience (using the emojis does not mean abusing them)

b) What tools to use

When it comes to creating content for Instagram, you have it easy. Currently there are an infinity of applications that with little effort and money (sometimes no money), can allow you to do high quality work.

In my case, most of the ones I use are mobile applications for iOS, although almost all have an equivalent version in Android (or a competition that does the same).

My favorites are:

Wordswag (Paid): It is an application for iOS that allows you to create posters, write about images, insert your own logo and bring your publications to life. I use it very often, I’m not paid to promote it and it’s worth every penny.

Typic (Free, Paid, In-App Purchases): Awarded in 2014 with the Appstore award for the best app and positioned as the best photography app in 75 countries, Typic is a safe bet when looking for a powerful tool, versatile and very easy to use.

Canva (Web App): It is a revolutionary web app that has made it clear that anyone can create quality content without the need for complicated (and expensive) professional design programs. Its interface and huge amount of available templates make it a very effective solution for different design needs.

Angela Villarejo, in the blog 40 of fever, has created an excellent list with 18 more options of applications to create content for Instagram.

c) Fund

The background or content is the soul of the publications. The form attracts, the content makes them stay.

To create a content that motivates people to follow you, you should take into account the following:

The tastes of your audience.

His way of talking.

Your doubts and questions.

What motivates them

Your aspirations and any other differentiating element that you have in common among them.

With these ingredients you have more than enough material to create sticky publications that resonate with your audience.

It is good to clarify that, although the images are the content that attracts the most Instagram users, the videos with mini tutorials, behind the camera and answers to questions from the public are an excellent way to diversify your content.

As a general rule, a new account must test all possibilities, evaluate the results and repeat the type of content that best behaves.
Other options to get followers:

We have already agreed that the purchase of followers is prohibited (for any brand that really wants results). However, there are other ways to get followers that produce very good results.

They are between them:

Exchange of mentions: It consists of promoting an account related to yours in your profile in exchange for the other account doing the same. This strategy is very effective for both parties, as long as the two accounts have similar numbers of followers.

Follow for follow: This strategy is to follow others in exchange for them following your account back.

Although this allows to increase the number of followers, you run the risk that those followers are not legitimately interested in your brand, but in the mere fact that you follow them. Use it with caution.

Cross promotion: If you have an audience on other platforms, a good idea is to promote your Instagram account with them. It is very likely that those who follow you in another social network, are also willing to follow you in this.

Tag a Friend: It consists of asking your followers to tag a friend (I prefer three) in your publications.

There is a good chance that some of those friends who were tagged end up following your account.