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Monetize your audience

Monetizing your audience on Instagram is not an easy job. Especially due to the fact that this platform is very conservative regarding the use of links. They allow you a single link located in the biography.

No clickable links in the content (Unless you’re paying for advertising).

So, what can be done in this case?

– Be strategic.

Instagram is a great way to spend your time there and to see all your friends. You can be a travel blogger and earn money easily in your trips. To start your Instagram account promotion you need only to get to know some services like: Poprey. There on the website, you can easily buy followers and make you Instagram profile more popular between your friends and neighbors. Looks weird? We don’t think so. It is a nasty idea but it makes sense. It is a first step to get sublime.

You have a single shot, so you can not afford to fail.

The link that you put in the biography, should point to a page on your website that is optimized to help you reach the goal you have in mind.

This objective can be to invite them to a mailing list, sell them a product, show them a content, subscribe for a webinar, etc.

The process would be the following:

Link to the content or landing page of preference through the link in your bio
Create and post on Instagram an entry that acts as “call to action”
Write a publication footer that reinforces the “call to action” and direct visitors to the link in your biography
This is a relatively simple process but it has been the basis of the success of numerous accounts.

An example of this is the magazine account for entrepreneurs @Foundr. Its founder, Nathan Chan, has applied this strategy masterfully, managing to reap millionaire results.

Naturally not all your followers will attend the call, so you should try different designs of the “call to action”, copy of the publication footnote and times to publish. So, with each modification, you improve your conversion rate.

When talking about monetizing your audience on Instagram you should remember the following: Instagram is NOT a platform designed for commerce, it is a social network designed for people to do just that, socialize.

It is for this reason that the correct way to take advantage of the attention generated in this social network is to use it as a way to attract the public to your own website and then carry out the sales process under the principles of the inbound methodology.

Naturally there are other ways to monetize your audience on Instagram, one of the most popular that does not require further preparation is the promotion of third-party content on your page for pay.

This is a risky strategy and I personally do not like it very much. Nevertheless; If you are determined to put it into practice, you must ensure that the content you promote is something that you yourself would dare to use and that does not clash with the style of your brand.

If your audience feels that you are using them only to promote products, they will lose confidence and eventually leave (unless your account has been created specifically for the promotion of third-party articles).