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Since the emergence of Instagram in October 2010, this platform has done nothing but maintain an extraordinary rate of growth. So much so that it has managed to position itself as one of the main social networks of the entire web.

With its more than 400 million active users per month (yes, more than Twitter), the question about Instagram is no longer about whether it’s a fad or if it’s here to stay, but about how we can take advantage of this giant.

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75 million users per day and levels of engagement and reach that exceed both Facebook and Twitter; Instagram makes an excellent point of support for any business that wants to leverage its growth through the use of social media marketing.

Get more instagram followers

But how to do it? Before I explain how to do it, I’ll tell you how NOT to do it: Do not even waste money buying followers.

The objective of creating an audience is to build relationships in which the brand contributes value to the followers so that, at a certain moment, they can become customers.

None of this is possible with a ghost audience that only serves to increase the number of followers, a metric that by itself does not mean anything.

In the end, 10 followers that buy your product or pay for your service are better than 1,000 that only exist in your followers counter.

For that reason; if it is not a real or sincere audience, it is not worth having it.

Now, how to do it?

The process to achieve profitable your audience in Instagram is not more than the application of the basic principles of Inbound Marketing to social media (with some very slight variations).

The sequence of the process would be something like this:

Attract visitors
Turn them into followers
Monetize your audience
Delight them to promote your brand

Let’s see the details.

1. Attract visitors
No matter how good the content you post in your account, if nobody sees it, it will not help.

In that sense, there are several ways in which you can attract glances towards a new Instagram account. The main ones are

a) Hashtags
The use of hashtags (HT) is considered by most experts as the main way to attract views to a new account.

In essence, HT’s are a way to classify the type of content that is published, which helps users to draw their favorite among the millions of publications that are made at every moment.

Instagram allows you to use up to 30 hashtags or tags, which opens a wide range of possibilities to place your content in front of those who use the app’s search option.

Be careful, if you use more than 30 your comment will not be visible.

Hashtags are not chosen randomly. There are two basic criteria to take into consideration:

Make the hashtags you choose popular among your target audience.

That they have a close relationship both with the image that is being labeled and with the general theme of your brand.

To find popular hashtags in my industry I use an online tool called websta, but there are many others available that also do the job.

The idea here is to use one of the available tools and analyze the hashtags related to your industry and your audience.

So you can debug them and find the 30 most popular and relevant.

This does not mean you should use them all 30 at the same time; As a general rule you should try to keep your amount of hashtags between 5-15.

Another observation in this regard is NOT to place your hashtags in the description, but in a separate comment. That way you reduce the level of distraction that these generate when they are very close to the publication.

You’d be surprised how many interactions you can get just by adding relevant hashtags to your posts.