Purchase followers for instagram: Why instagram?

Instagram – whoever there and what does not say is a place of creativity: chaotic, organized, talented, tasteless.

A social platform where everyone can feel like a photographer, try to convey the world as he presented himself to him at a particular moment. So far, have not felt for what you need an account in the world of frozen moments? Good. What about:

– There are no hard rules (unless the mandatory photo content, which is logical, by the way, you can also download short videos recently). And can you limit the creative person inside each of us?

– here you can fully demonstrate your skills of a skilful photographer or a talented designer, show that you have a special aesthetic taste (if you possess);

– the advantages are more serious – this is 100% match to today’s requests: minimum effort – maximum results; do not need to invent anything, write, photographed – and all the content is ready;

– the presence of a mass of tools that, when properly applied, turn any photo into effective content for any SMM tasks (various filters, lamps, effects, free editing programs);

– the only negative in this case – the lack of targeting (as, for example, in facebook or vkontakte), respectively, to track your audience (by sex, location) is very difficult.
Content rules

Another essence of photographs.

It should be understood that the photos in Instagram – this is not the photo content with which you are used to working on Facebook (link to text about fb) or vkontakte (link to text about VK). It is not necessary to lay out in the pictures of the photo with a funny inscription on the half-ruined sign of the store or your satisfied face against the background of a billboard with the delights of political advertising in an abandoned district.

Perhaps, it is this photo that will fall into one newsline along with a splendid landscape or a photo report from a gallery exhibition.

Think about the composition. Spontaneous photos, of course, increase the effect of presence.

However, a piece of a beautiful building or a person’s circumcised face, if, of course, it is not intended originally, creates the impression of negligence. If possible, think ahead of the composition of the photo, you can even see special recommendations on the correct layout and greatly improve the quality of the pictures.

Take pictures more often. But do not litter your photos with newsfeeds of all followers. Of the ten almost identical photos, you should choose one or two of the best.

Instagram in a sense similar to twitter (link to the text about Twitter). Here, regularity and quality are in high esteem.

Decide on your goals. Of course, sticking to the same style all the time or uploading pictures that corresponds to one particular topic is not easy.

But you need to at least decide what you need an account in instagram and choose the appropriate direction to “be.”

How to attract followers and what to do with them later?

Add a link to your account in instagram in social networking profiles. Let the instagram be an additional SMM tool of an illustrative nature (it will help visually display the results of your activity: presentations at various forums, conferences, demonstrate the received certificates). In order to self-promotion, all means are good.

Subscribe to all friends from other social networks. Also one of the standard, but effective steps. Thus, you will be able to “pull” the already formed target audience and to another social platform.

Use hashtags and geo-location. The absence of proper hashtags automatically minimizes the number of your potential followers. Thanks to the hashtag, your photo has the opportunity to become available to the global search.

There are special hashtags that provide a stable number of likes and followers (can be found on special sites, for example, the most popular ones are #follow, #pleasefollow, #instagood). For a variety of themes, there are various categories of the most commonly used hashtags.

It is necessary to use such hashtags, but they should not be abused, for one picture it is enough two or three. You should give preference to English hashtags. Geo-tags let you identify the place where your photo was taken. Geo-location can be linked to an account on Foursquare.

We organize competitions. Verified in various social networks is the right method to attract new followers. Similarly, you can entertain an existing audience. Instagram allows you to create an even more creative atmosphere and make interesting both the process of conducting and the process of participation.

All that is required is to declare a specific condition for a competitive photo, preferably as detailed as possible (for example, the most beautiful hostel of Kharkiv National University named after Karazin) and offer an interesting prize.

You can independently participate in various competitions, then your photos will see even more people, and it’s all new likes and followers.